Ticket + Combo Plate Options
School groups visiting Monday-Friday have exclusive use of the park!
Snack # 1: $2.50
1 Bag of Chips
1 Can of Soda
Snack # 2: $4.50
1 Soft Pretzel
1 Can of Soda
Snack # 4: $5.00
1 Soft Pretzel
1 Sm. Hot Chocolate
Snack # 3: $3.00
1 Bag of Chips
1 Sm. Hot Chocolate
Minimum Requirement: 100+ Snowtubers
School groups may order lunch items individually from the menu
or choose pre-ordered pizza
(note: ordering from the menu will add considerable time to getting through the line)
"Your Choice" Pre-Ordered Ticket + Snack Options
Ticket + Snack Options
Simply add the cost of the snack package choice to the 
ticket price and collect student money as one price.  
Create your own "package":  Choose food items from the menu, total them up, and add the "snack package" price to the ticket price.  Then collect student money as one price.
Ticket + Pizza
PolarWave Welcomes School Groups of All Ages!
As always,
1 chaperone attends free
for every
10 students!
Groups of 100+ & Matching Groups: 
Read Group Attendance Agreement Info
Why Use Pre-Ordered Pizza?

  • On Time - food is ready at the time you request

  • No Choices to Make - eliminates the indecision over which food to choose from the menu

  • Quicker Lines - moves students through the line quickly and smoothly

  • No Lunch Money Needed - no counting quarters or coming up short

  • Easy $ Tracking - makes collecting student money easier

  • Keeps Transportation on Schedule - gets the group back to the bus on time
Groups can sit down together & complete their meal together so they can
get back on the hill or meet their transportation deadline.
To assist school group leaders, teachers and staff with planning, PolarWave no longer requires a 50% deposit to reserve a school event if the school 
will be paying for the event with a school credit card, check or voucher.
In lieu of a 50% monetary deposit, a School Event Agreement can be signed by the school representative and faxed back to our office to reserve the event.  This form will be used as the deposit with the commitment to pay for the entire event at check-in or send full payment after the event. 
No Deposit Required for School Groups!
Hot Dog Plate @ $5.00
1 Hot Dog
1 Bag of Chips
1 Can of Soda
Pizza Plate @ $4.50
1 Pizza Slice
1 Bag of Chips
1 Can of Soda
Ticket Price + Combo Plate Price
Ticket Price + Snack Price
Nacho Plate @ $5.00
Nachos & Cheese
1 Can of Soda

20 - 80 Snowtubers
2 Hour: Regular    $12
3 Hour: Regular    $14

2 Hour: Tots*        $8
3 Hour: Tots*        $10
80+ Snowtubers
2 Hour: Regular    $11
3 Hour: Regular    $13

2 Hour: Tots*        $7
3 Hour: Tots*        $9
*Tots are children less than 42" in height
Elementary, Middle and High School Only
Combo plate and snack prices are subject to change based on current menu prices

Pizza is available by pre-order:

Regular serving (3-4 slices): $4
Kids under 12   (2-3 slices): $3
Cheese Pizza or Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza 
School Group Food FAQs

Can a group bring in their own food?  Outside food cannot be brought into the park unless your group is using the park exclusively (no general public).  Groups of 100+ confirmed snowtubers have the entire park to themselves so they can bring in their own food.

How big is the dining area?  Approximately 75 people can be seated at one time (depending on size and outerwear).  Some groups prefer to have their members eat in "shifts" sending half of the group through to eat, then sending the other half through when the first group is finished.

Can a group get a discount on food or food packages?  Unfortunately, Polarwave is unable to offer discounts on food.

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*  Sheet pizza is no longer available.
School Groups
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