No age or height restrictions!

  • PolarWave tubes ONLY allowed on the snowtubing hill
No snowboards, skiis, sleds or tubes other than the tubes supplied by Polarwave are allowed.

  • Participants should be able to do the following things:
  • Lower their body onto the snowtube independently at the tube tow hook-up and when reaching the top of the hill

  • Stand up or roll out of the tube independently when reaching the top of the hill and at the end of the ride

  • PolarWave staff do not provide assistance into and out of tubes

  • If agency group participants are unable to access and exit the tubes independently, they may have their own agency staff person assist them
Austin, Perry NY
For Maximum Tubing Fun:
  • Hook up together! Participants may hook up in "chains" or "trains" with other tubers to ride the hill together

  • Spin for extra thrills! Let the staff at the top of the chute know if you want to spin down the chute

  • Faster ride! Lift the "butt" up slightly in the tube to get a faster ride
  • Safe ride! Keep legs extended to have maximum balance and stability

  • Keep the chute clear! Exit the chute as soon as you stop at the end of the ride to maintain safety
For Safety Reasons:
Fun & Safety at Polarwave

General Park Information
Most information can be found on the website. 
If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

Book Your
Group Events Early!
Groups are scheduled every 30 minutes
so there are only a limited number of time slots
open each weekend.
See the Group Info page for more info.

PolarWave Snowtubing Park  3500 Harloff Road   Batavia, New York 14020
  • Snow, snow, snow! The park grounds are completely snow covered
  and are not conducive to wheelchair mobility.  There are no cleared sidewalks or paths.

  • Tots (children under 42") use a smaller tube to accommodate their smaller body.  A child should be able to stay in the tube and hold him/herself upright to ride independently.

  • Babies can ride in the same tube with a parent.
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