Ride the Wave! Snowtubing is a downhill ride that runs on specially designed snow tubes.  The tubing hill is groomed in "chutes" that resemble various sizes of snow-built waves.  Each chute is unique in design (hills and valleys).
Imagine... Not having to wait until it snows to go out and enjoy it!  We have equipment that makes snow, so we'll have snow even if you don't!

About the Hill... State-of-the-art snowmaking equipment will keep the tubing hill covered, with or without natural snow.  The tubing hill terrain has several grades of elevation, with a downhill drop and a "serpentine" design built to thrill kids and adults alike, with an impressive 750 foot long ride.
What is the SPIN? The idea of the spin is to add heart-pounding excitement to the ride!  The hill staff spin your tube as you are "pushed over the edge" (smaller children would not get as fast of a spin as older kids and adults).  The spin and quick drop of snowtubing make the ride much more thrilling because it is fast and gives a sense of weightlessness.
What is Snowtubing? 
Snowtubing is completely different than sledding (where the ride is fairly smooth and straight down a gradual slope).  At PolarWave, snowtubers ride the tow to the top of the hill where they will "stage" at one of the several 750' snow chutes. 
Then What?
Once on your tube, the hill staff will give you a push (and a spin if you ask) over the edge of the hill.  And hang on! Your tube will hit the "drop" at the very beginning of the ride and propel you down the chute at "blow-your-hair-back" speeds over hills and valleys and bump your tube off the chute side walls, making the ride even more awesome.
That's why thousands of people snowtube at PolarWave
each and every season!
Imagine... Being able to tube downhill without the dread of walking back up to the top of the hill for another run!


No age or height restrictions!

Austin, Perry NY
Save time at the ticket window!

Print a waiver now and and bring it with you to the park.  Waivers are also available at the ticket window.  Any child under 18 years of age snowtubing without a parent in attendance must bring a signed waiver with him/her.
Welcome to PolarWave Snowtubing Park!
What's not to love?  Come on out!
Who Needs a Ticket at PolarWave?
Anyone who will be snowtubing needs a ticket. 

Do I Need a Ticket to Watch?
You do not need a ticket to enter the park and watch.
Parents, chaperones, etc. do not need to purchase a ticket if they are not
going to ride.
Who Needs a Waiver at PolarWave?
Anyone who will be snowtubing needs a waiver. 

Do I Need a Waiver to Watch?
You do not need a waiver to enter the park and watch.
Parents, chaperones, etc. do not need to complete a waiver if they are not
purchasing a ticket.
Tickets & Waivers
Something for Everyone!

  • Chutes with exciting hills and valleys!

  • Music played over the park-wide speaker system! 

  • A ride back to the top!

  • Heated facility offering fun food, tasty snacks and
hot / cold beverages...
PolarWave Snowtubing Park  3500 Harloff Road   Batavia, New York 14020

General Park Information
Most information can be found on the website. 
If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

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