Match Up to Make 100!
Many groups, especially school groups, are looking to pair up with others to have 100+ people so they can use the park during hours when PolarWave is not normally open.
Simply complete the "Post Your Group" form
and PolarWave will post your "Group Info" for other Groups to see.

  • Be as specific as possible so the advisors and leaders of other groups can coordinate with their people

  • PolarWave will not post your contact info on this page unless you give permission in the form

  • If a match looks like it might work out submit the “We Found a Match” form and we can initiate contact for you by exchanging your match's contact information
Hook up with another group to meet the

100 minimum!
Now you can
and find other groups who are looking to hook up!
Links for Groups
PolarWave cannot open the park for any group of less than 100 guaranteed participants.

New: A Group Attendance Agreement must be signed to reserve groups of 100+

Groups of 100+: If the final number of snowtubers at check-in is less than 100, the group is required to pay for the balance of the tickets to make 100 in order for the group event to be held.

Matching Groups: Each group of a matching pair must commit to having a certain number of participants and the total of all groups for that event must be no less than 100.   Each group must pay for the amount of tickets they committed to, even if their attendance on the day of the event comes up short.  Groups will be asked to confirm this commitment in writing in order to reserve a group of 100+ snowtubers. 

If the groups cannot commit to enough total people to guarantee 100 confirmed participants, they can add another group (if one can be found), or pay for the extra tickets, or the event  cannot be reserved.

If a group leader sees that the number they have committed to will be short in attendance, they must let PolarWave know at least 3 days before the event  what they intend to do about the shortage.  If 100 participants cannot be guaranteed, the event may need to be canceled.

The group has the option of fulfilling the commitment or canceling the event (this will cancel the event for any/all groups if they are matched up for this event).
Group Attendance Agreement
Posting a Group
Attention Groups:

  • who want to come when the park is not open to the general public

  • who want to have the park all to themselves

  • who want to come during school or        after school hours

  • who want to snowtube at night

but have less than 100+ confirmed snowtubers...

  • School Groups
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
  • Service Agencies
  • Youth Organizations
  • Church Groups
  • Small Companies
  • Clubs & Teams
  • Families & Friends

General Park Information
Most information can be found on the website. 
If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

Gift Certificates for the Holidays!
Order your gift certificates in time for the holidays!
Gift certificates make
great prizes, too,
for contests, meeting goals, gift basket items, door prizes, raffles, auctions and other fund raising.

Book Your
Group Events Early!
Groups are scheduled every 30 minutes
so there are only a limited number of time slots
open each weekend.
See the Group Info page for more info.

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You may be able to find another group that can match your date!
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