Group Reservation Information
Why Make a Group Reservation?

A Group Reservation:

  • Gets you a GREAT DISCOUNT (like $40 off a group of 20 people!) ($2 off/ticket x 20 tickets)

  • Gets you into the park quickly -- NO standing in line at the ticket window

  • Guarantees that your tubes will be reserved  for your
  entire group -- No one waiting to get tubes

  • Gets your entire group on the hill at the same time --
  (instead of some of your group still waiting in line)

  • Gets your group in and out of the park on time --
  great for transportation scheduling

  • Allows you to pay for the entire group with one payment -- no last minute scrambling for ticket money
We Welcome Groups of ANY SIZE!
Group Hours

PolarWave schedules groups every 30 minutes
at the following times:

Groups of 10-50 snowtubers:
Saturdays & Sundays and school vacation days
whenever the park is open to the general public

Groups of 51-100 snowtubers:
Saturdays & Sundays and school vacation days
during "off-peak" hours:

Saturdays: 10 am-12 pm  &  3 pm-7 pm
                     Sundays:  11 am- 1 pm  &  3 pm-6 pm
  School Vacation Days: 10 am-12 pm  &  3 pm-6 pm

Groups of 100+ snowtubers:
Monday-Friday anytime (mornings, afternoons or evenings)
and Saturdays after closing.

Weather Related Info

  • Unless otherwise notified by PolarWave, the park will be open and the scheduled event will be held.  Falling snow and typical winter weather are not enough reason to close the park (we like snowy weather!).

  • PolarWave understands all the time and effort involved in planning a large group event and how much group members look forward to their snowtubing trip.  If weather conditions look questionable the day before an event, management will monitor the weather and hill conditions up to the last minute, if need be, to allow every opportunity for the event to take place as planned, and will close the park only if the safety of our visitors or staff might be compromised.

Deposit Info

  • A 50% deposit is required to lock in all group events.  This deposit guarantees your tubes and tubing space will be ready for you at the time of your event.  School groups see special info here.

  • If you do not reserve your space with a deposit, tubes will be available on a first-come first-served basis and you or others in your group may need to wait for tubes to become available if the park is busy.

  • A group can be "penciled in" but the reservation is not confirmed and guaranteed until the deposit is received.

  • Don't wait to send in a deposit -- dates fill up quickly.  Groups are scheduled every 30 minutes so there are a limited number of time slots available per weekend, and the snowtubing season is short!

  • Reservations are confirmed on a first-come first-served basis of when the deposit is received, even if your group is "penciled in".  Without a deposit your group could get "bumped" for another group with a deposit.

  • Deposits can be made by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, business/company check or money order.

  • NO personal checks are accepted for deposits, at check-in, or at the ticket window.

Reserving a Group with Wegmans Discount Tickets

  • If your group is under 20 people you can purchase $1 off discount tickets at Wegmans and still reserve your group!   Simply reserve your time slot with a "hold-only" deposit.

  • A "hold-only" deposit allows your group to reserve the event by having your credit card info on file with PolarWave, but without having your credit card charged (since you will be purchasing tickets and bringing them with you to the park).

  • The amount of the "deposit" will be based on the number of snowtubers in the group just like a regular deposit.  However, your credit card will not be charged unless the group does not show up for the scheduled reserved time.

Group Info Packet Below
Printable Format
Group Discount Prices
  • A group can be as small as 10 people.  However, group discount pricing starts at 20+ confirmed snowtubers.

  • NOTE:  If the group number falls below 20 people at check-in, the group discount cannot be applied and the group will be required to pay the full ticket price -- another good reason to be sure everyone is on time!  The deposit amount will be subtracted off the new total amount due.  The group discount cannot be recalculated if more people arrive after check-in is complete. 

  • $1 off discount tickets are available to purchase at area                       stores if your group is 10-19 people.

  • All group participants must turn in a signed waiver to receive a ticket.
A group can be as small as 10 people if you need to fit certain time constraints.

However, group discount pricing starts at 20+ confirmed snowtubers.
Make Deposits Online!

Cancellations & Refunds

Same Day Emergency Cancellations

Call 585-247-1538 to cancel a group for the same day.

(the office is not located at the park)

Cancellation & Refund Info Here

Group Check-In Procedure
Must be Followed to Receive Group Pricing
PolarWave cannot open the park for any group of less than 100 guaranteed participants.

New: A Group Attendance Agreement must be signed to reserve groups of 100+

Groups of 100+: If the final number of snowtubers at check-in is less than 100, the group is required to pay for the balance of the tickets to make 100 in order for the group event to be held.

Matching Groups: Each group of a matching pair must commit to having a certain number of participants and the total of all groups for that event must be no less than 100.   Each group must pay for the amount of tickets they committed to, even if their attendance on the day of the event comes up short.  Groups will be asked to confirm this commitment in writing in order to reserve a group of 100+ snowtubers. 

If the groups cannot commit to enough total people to guarantee 100 confirmed participants, they can add another group (if one can be found), or pay for the extra tickets, or the event  cannot be reserved.

If a group leader sees that the number they have committed to will be short in attendance, they must let PolarWave know at least 3 days before the event  what they intend to do about the shortage.  If 100 participants cannot be guaranteed, the event may need to be canceled.

The group has the option of fulfilling the commitment or canceling the event (this will cancel the event for any/all groups if they are matched up for this event).
Group Attendance Agreement
Print Complete
Group Info Packet
Printable Format
Includes text from the following
web pages:
Group Reservation Information
Make a Group Reservation Online
Group Reservation Deposits
Cancellations & Refunds
Pair Up to Make 100
Rent the Entire Park
Group Attendance Agreement Group Info
Print Group Reservation Information
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General Park Information
Most information can be found on the website. 
If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

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Book Your
Group Events Early!
Groups are scheduled every 30 minutes
so there are only a limited number of time slots
open each weekend.
See the Group Info page for more info.


20 - 80 Snowtubers
2 Hour: Regular    $12
3 Hour: Regular    $14

2 Hour: Tots*        $8
3 Hour: Tots*        $10
80+ Snowtubers
2 Hour: Regular    $11
3 Hour: Regular    $13

2 Hour: Tots*        $7
3 Hour: Tots*        $9
*Tots are children less than 42" in height
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