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Unfortunately, PolarWave is unable to offer discounts on food.


Cheese Pizza or Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza are available for pre-order .

* Sheet pizza is no longer available

  • Our pizza is made by a local pizza shop and is delivered to the park so it must be pre-ordered.

  • The price for pizza is $4/serving (3-4 slices) and $3/serving (2-3 slices) for kids 12 and under

PolarWave offers pizza for groups over 20 people.

Many large groups, especially school groups,
utilize the pizza food option
to help move large numbers of people through the food line
quickly and smoothly.
Special Food Options for Groups
Special Food Packages for School Groups

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Gift Certificates for the Holidays!
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Gift certificates make
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Book Your
Group Events Early!
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so there are only a limited number of time slots
open each weekend.
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Save Time!  Pizza is especially great for school groups or for groups who want to eat together as part of their visit to PolarWave. 

  • Group members can move very quickly through a short line to pick up their slices they have pre-ordered (which eliminates the long wait when people order individual items from the menu, as well as the indecision that happens when trying to figure out what "looks good" on the menu). 

     Groups can sit down together and complete their meal so they can
         get back on the hill or meet their transportation deadline.  

  • Group members choose which kind of pizza they would like and they pre-order it through their group leader.  The group leader tallies up the number of each variety and gives the final number of orders to PolarWave the week before the event. 

  • PolarWave staff will have pizza ready for your group at your pre-selected time.  And quick! quick! the group is moving through the line and eating together instead of standing in the order line waiting for the families in front of them to get their orders.

Group Food FAQs

Can a group bring in their own food?  Outside food cannot be brought into the park if your group is scheduled when the park is open to the general public.  Groups of 100+ confirmed snowtubers have the entire park to themselves so they can bring in their own food.

Can we bring in cake and ice cream for a birthday party?  Cake and ice cream are the only food items that can be brought into the park.  Cake and ice cream must be purchased from a grocery store and sealed  (not homemade).

How big is the dining area?  Approximately 75 people can be seated at one time (depending on size and outerwear).  Some groups prefer to have their members eat in "shifts" sending half of the group through to eat, then sending the other half through when the first group is finished.

Can a group reserve tables?  Tables cannot be reserved if your group is scheduled when the park is open to the general public.  Groups of 100+ confirmed snowtubers have the entire park to themselves so the tables will be open for their use at all times.

Is there a deposit on food?  There is a 50% deposit on food, which can be paid with the 50% reservation deposit if your group knows at that time that they will be getting sheet pizza.  If your group will be using a PO or voucher the cost will be added to the total invoice.

What if our group decides later that we want to get pizza?  Sheet pizza can be added to a group's reservation up until the Wednesday before the event.

My agency/company pays for the entire tubing event, including food.  Is there a way to pay at the end of the event for food items that our people order from the menu?  Many groups use food vouchers that can be collected at the end of the event and added to the final invoice to be paid by the company.  The company would then pay for the total event minus the deposit that was paid when the reservation was made.  This plan can be approved when the group leader makes the reservation.

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