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Before you Arrive

  • Ticket Money: Individual group members' ticket payments should be made to the group leader, who should be prepared to make one final payment for the entire group at check-in, not hand in a collection of individual payments. 

  • Waivers:  All snowtubers must sign a waiver before receiving a ticket or a tube.  Parents must sign for children under 18.  If children are coming without a parent in attendance they must bring with them a waiver that was signed by a parent.

  • Have all of the signed waivers collected and ready to hand in as a packet.  The number of waivers must match the number of participants.  Anyone without a waiver will not be allowed to snowtube, so please be sure to collect a signed waiver from each participant. 

  • Have a couple of blank waivers handy in case someone has forgotten theirs.  The group leader can also get one from the ticket window.  However, this will add some extra time to the check-in process because the waiver must be taken back to the group, signed, and returned before that ticket can be issued.

The Group Check-In Procedure allows groups to check in quickly and smoothly
and get out onto the hill for snowtubing fun without waiting in line.

Please be sure to follow the procedure below when arriving at the park.
Thank you!
New Streamlined
Group Check-In Procedure
  • No waiting in line at the ticket gate!
  • Entire group gets onto the hill together as a group!
  • Easy payment and waiver procedure!
  • Tell the check-in person how many actual snowtubers are present for the event (based on the number of waivers turned in).  They will calculate your total ticket cost, then subtract out the amount of the deposit already paid.  That, plus any pre-ordered food options, will be the total balance due for the group to snowtube. 
NOTE:  If the group number falls below 20 people at check-in, the group discount cannot be applied and the group will be required to pay the full gate price -- another good reason to be sure everyone is on time!  The group discount cannot be recalculated if more people arrive after check-in is complete. 
PolarWave cannot open the park for any group of less than 100 guaranteed participants.

New: A Group Attendance Agreement must be signed to reserve groups of 100+

Groups of 100+: If the final number of snowtubers at check-in is less than 100, the group is required to pay for the balance of the tickets to make 100 in order for the group event to be held.

Matching Groups: Each group of a matching pair must commit to having a certain number of participants and the total of all groups for that event must be no less than 100.   Each group must pay for the amount of tickets they committed to, even if their attendance on the day of the event comes up short.  Groups will be asked to confirm this commitment in writing in order to reserve a group of 100+ snowtubers. 

If the groups cannot commit to enough total people to guarantee 100 confirmed participants, they can add another group (if one can be found), or pay for the extra tickets, or the event  cannot be reserved.

If a group leader sees that the number they have committed to will be short in attendance, they must let PolarWave know at least 3 days before the event  what they intend to do about the shortage.  If 100 participants cannot be guaranteed, the event may need to be canceled.

The group has the option of fulfilling the commitment or canceling the event (this will cancel the event for any/all groups if they are matched up for this event).
Group Attendance Agreement

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PolarWave Snowtubing Park  3500 Harloff Road   Batavia, New York 14020
Check-In Time

  • Check-in is 30 minutes before your scheduled hill time.

  • Groups should arrive at least 15 minutes before check-in time.

  • The group leader only should bring the final payment and all waivers to the regular ticket window area and knock on the Group Check-In door.  A staff member will meet with you to complete your check-in.

  • Everyone else should wait on the bus or in the parking lot for a safety person from the hill to meet with them and explain the rules of the hill.  It is important for the entire group to be present.

  • The group leader will return with tickets to pass out to the entire group.
Total Amount Due

  • Check-in staff will have your group reservation sheet that will show the amount of deposit that has already been paid (which was based on the approximate number of snowtubers you expected to participate when the reservation was made).  However, as is generally the case, the number of actual participants usually changes by the day of the event.

  • However, the extra tickets to make 20 to receive the group discount can be purchased.  This will alleviate having to scramble the group members for the extra $2 per ticket.

  • This total amount due can be paid by credit card, cash or business check (no personal checks will be accepted).  Final payment does not need to be made the same way the deposit was made. 
Arriving Late

  • If the park cannot accommodate the time shift, the group will need to keep the original time slot and exit the hill when the original time expires.

  • If an individual arrives late and the group leader has already paid for their ticket, the individual may join the group on the hill, get their ticket/band from the group leader, and exit with the rest of the group.

  • If the ticket has not been paid for with the group's final payment at check-in, the individual must stand in line and purchase the ticket at the window.  They will receive the group discount if they tell the ticket person they are with the group (as long as the group received the 20+ discount rate at check-in).

  • Tickets will not be pro-rated for latecomers.

  • If your group arrives late, it will be up to PolarWave staff to determine if they can shift your reservation to the new arrival time based on how full the schedule is with other reserved groups.
Getting Your Tickets

  • The group leader will receive a packet containing the tickets or colored bands for the entire group.  The color the group receives will signify the group's reserved time on the hill.
  • The group leader will take the packet back to the group and hand out the tickets/bands to people who have paid and turned in a waiver.

  • Group members should attach the ticket/band to their coat in a place visible to the staff.

  • PolarWave's hill staff will remind the group members when their time is almost expired -- so snowtubers can relax, enjoy the fun, and not worry about time.

Easy Pay

  • Group leaders should be ready to pay the total balance due by making one payment for the entire group, not a collection of individual payments. 

  • If individual group members haven't paid the group leader yet, they may be asked to stand in line at the ticket window.  They will still receive the group discount if they tell the ticket person they are with the group.  However, this may delay them from getting onto the hill with the rest of the group.

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